About Us

Our journey started a year ago back in 2019.

Every week we would go shopping and buy various wax melts, the problem was after a couple of months we were bored of smelling the same scents, this is when the light bulb went off in our minds, how can we make our own wax melts.

After some research we went out and bought some materials, and our poor kitchen looked like it had been converted in to a scientists lab.

With a bit of experimenting we finally had a perfume scented wax melt that we could try, we placed the wax melt on top of the burner and waited.... After a couple of minutes we were bent over the burner and sniffing like dogs, and then bang the smell of the scent begun to fill the room, we had cracked it.

We then gave some of our wax melts to friends and family to try, we wanted good honest feedback to our products. The response was very positive, so confident we had a great product we made loads up ready to sell.

Since then we have sold our wax melts, at carboot sales, farmers markets and online.