Tealight vs. Electric Wax Burners

So, you’ve finally decided to use wax melts, now it’s important that you know about wax warmers. Some people overlook these while purchasing wax melt, but they are important because they burn the wax melt to let off a pleasant aroma.

There are endless choices in the market when it comes to wax warmers. But how can you enhance your living space while getting the best bang for your buck? This piece will tell you a few things you want to know about wax warmers – and a few things you did not know you need to learn.

In general, there are two main types of warmers – tealight and electric wax warmers. Which one should you choose for your home? There are pros and cons for both, keep them in your mind when you’re deciding which one to choose.

Tealight wax warmers

Tealight warmers use tealight candles, which heat up the wax melts. These warmers have an accessible chamber at the bottom where you put a tealight candle, and on top, you put a piece or pieces of wax.

Tealight wax warmers give a stronger scent from the wax melt due to the fact that wax is being heated by a naked flame.

Tealight warmers are also easy to clean, you can pop the dish under hot water and the wax will come out.

Tealight warmer is a stylish way to present your wax melt as they are decorative and they are sure to grab the attention of many visitors.

Pros: Reliable, cheap, come in many different forms.

Cons: These are not children or animal-friendly.

Electric wax warmers

Electric wax warmers are much safer since there isn’t a flame involved. The warmer uses a bulb or a heater that heats up the wax melt to create a mesmerizing scent.

These warmers are the easiest way to melt wax, all you have to do is plug in the warmer and throw piece(s) of wax on it.

With electric warmers, you can conveniently turn them on and off as needed. Most of these warmers will also come with lovely designs, which can create a beautiful lighting effect in your home.

Electric wax warmers are a safer option as they use no naked flames. They give a longer-lasting fragrance but the scent is not as strong.

Pros: No naked flames, safer for children and pets, can be used as a lamp.

Cons: Expensive, will not give as strong scent, limited to certain areas of the house.

In conclusion

No matter what kind of wax warmer you get, both have pros and cons and it really does come down to personal preference.

There are several features to look for in a wax warmer, depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences, some features may be more important to you than others.

So, all you have to do is put the wax melt inside and let it heat up and melt and create a captivating fragrance.