Goodbye Etsy

Like many other businesses throughout the last 18 months we had to change how our wax melt business ran.

Before covid we were sat in green grass fields with the sun shining bright selling our wax melts. When covid struck like many other businesses we had to diverse in to online selling.

The problem with selling online where do you sell your products? A few of our customers recommended Etsy. Fast forward 12 months Etsy was great, we had new customers buying from us, new customers buying from us.

However we have now simply outgrown Etsy. As from today we will still be using Etsy however, we will not be listing any of our new scents using the platform.

All new scents will be sold via our website, the website will give us more room to grow. Another benefit you will find when ordering through our website is that, when you enter your mobile phone number during checkout you will receive a text message when your wax melts have been dispatched.

As always thank you for your continued support.

Lushesmelts x